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About Us


Pradip Walvekar
A dynamic entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, Pradip has successfully floated and run many businesses, including Metal production, Poultry, Movie production and Real Estate. Through his unmatched conceptual ability and realism he has been able to turn small businesses into huge success stories in a very small span of time.

At Kudos finance and investments, Pradip is involved in crucial decision making. His inspirational acumen and strong leadership qualities provide great insight of finance in today’s market & greater understanding of client’s needs.

Pavitra Walvekar
Pavitra brings an indisputable wealth of experience to Kudos, having worked with major financial institutions including Citibank, Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo, and bearing a Degree in Finance from the California State University, Fresno. His extensive knowledge regarding micro and macro markets and his international exposure in the world of finance make him indispensable to the firm. As CEO of Kudos Finance and Investments Pvt. Ltd., Pavitra is instrumental in enabling its products to reach and impact a wider audience within its target segment, thereby taking the company to higher realms.


Our vision stems from a motivation to encourage the growth of small-scale industries, byfunding them thereby integrating them into the financial system and creating a social impact. We believe in building relationships that will be mutually rewarding in growth and presence, and thereby, our vision lies in becoming the most trusted and referred name in providing Financial Services to a niche market of Small-Scale Urban Businesses


Our mission lies in fulfilling the financial requirements of the specific segment of Small-Scale Urban Businesses through an understanding of its requirements, consequently providing a customized approach to our product offerings through simple and speedy processes.


Our working is guided by a set of values that enable us to provide the very best for our clients.


A strict code of ethics governs our relationships with clients as well as our colleagues.


We believe that trust has to be earned, and we display our integrity through transparency in all our undertakings and financial disclosures.


Whatever we do, we do it well! We focus our efforts around the specific needs of the client and hold ourselves personally accountable for delivering timely, quality results.

Code of Conduct

  • We remain committed to promoting fair practices that are founded on respect and dignity, and cordial relations with clients, to foster trust and confidence in our company.
  • We shall serve without prejudice and extend our financial services to all that lie within our target segment.
  • We shall extend our courtesy to clients and seek to build trust, and long-term relationships with them through all interactions.
  • We shall remain transparent in all our dealings.
  • We shall provide financial assistance with regard to our client's requirements and their capacity to repay.
  • We shall ensure simple and efficient means of access to our financial services for the convenience of clients.
  • We shall collect over dues, if any, with propriety.

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